The Gabe McVarish Collection (book)

The Gabe McVarish Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Melodies from Scotland, Ireland and Maritime Canada

"This is a collection of over 170 tunes from the Celtic musical traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Maritime Canada, compiled (and in many cases, penned) by renowned fiddle player, Gabe McVarish.
The tunes encompass a wide range of genres from Gaelic Song Airs to Waltzes Marches, Strathspeys, Reels and Jigs. These provide a rich cross-section of the kind of tunes one is likely to hear in a music session in the North West Highlands of Scotland, but also preserve a link to the places and people that have shared these melodies from Scotland to Ireland to Cape Breton and elsewhere.

"Seo agaibh ach cruinneachadh de chrr is 170 puirt bho dhualchas Ceilteach na h-Albann, ireann, agus Tr nan Craobh, air an cur ri chile (agus sgrobhte s ir a thuillidh air sin) leis an fhdhleir, Gb Mac Mharuis.
Tha na puirt a riochdachadh iomadh gn de chel bho fuinn nan rain Ghidheralach do, waltzes, caismeachdan, puirt Shrath Sp, Ruidhlichean is puirt-dhbailte. Riochdachaidh na puirt seo eisimpleir beartach den chel a chluinnear gu cumanda aig seiseanan ciil air feadh ird an Iar na h-Albann, a tha cuideach a' glidheil na ceangalaichean le cernaidhean is slughanan fad s, a roinn na puirt seo am measg a chile bho Alba do dh'irinn do Cheap Breatann agus eile. Cruinneachadh Ghib 'ic Mharuis de Phuirt; r is sean Alba, irinn is Tr nan Craobh."

Free tune downloads (PDF)

Millbank Cottage
Siud mar a' Chaidh an Cal a' Goilidh
Taighean Geala Shieldaig
Gabrielle's Jig
Malcolm's New Fiddle
Mom's Jig
The Omnibus
Chief O' Neill's

Audio companion to the book

"This album was recorded as an audio companion to the Gabe McVarish Collection of Traditional & Contemporary Melodies from Scotland, Ireland & Maritime Canada.

Recorded in 4 sections, the first section demonstrating Scottish tunes from the Collection with guitar accompaniment from Euan MacPherson, the second with Irish tunes accompanied by Aaron Jones on the cittern and the third exhibiting Maritime Canadian repertoire with Mac Morin playing piano. The fourth section features sets combining tunes from all 3 genres with all 3 accompanists representing their respective styles along with me on the fiddle.

All the tunes on this album are transcribed in the Collection and have been recorded as clearly and accurately (to the transcriptions) as possible. I hope it proves useful to those endeavouring to learn tunes from the Collection and enjoyable as a stand-alone recording for those who arent!

-Gabe McVarish"


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