Eclection, the debut album from Gabe McVarish, is a culmination of fiddle styles and repertoire from every side of both the Atlantic and the Irish Sea, and Gabeís love of the traditional music of the Celtic Diaspora shines throughout.


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"Eclection, itís a must buy album for all fiddle fans."
Bruce MacGregor, Travelling Folk, BBC Radio Scotland

"smooth, perfectly controlled fiddling ... effortless, the true mark of great musicians." Alex Monaghan, Living Tradition

"McVarish is stunning and hits you in the solar plexus harder than a broadsword." Will Lamb, Am Paipear

"California's golden boy has recorded a solo album, and it's 24 carat"
Alex Monaghan

"a major force in the Celtic music world ... awesome ... truly outstanding arrangements, all excellently produced ... should be compulsory listening, both as an example of individual expertise and of collective understanding of the essence of great music." Gordon Potter, The Living Tradition

Production notes

The tracks

1  M.S.R.
2  New Jigs and Reels
3  All the Capers
4  Mrs Jean Campbell BSc
5  Uillean Set
6  Highland Jigs
7  Button Box Reels
8  Waltzes
9  Tommy Peoples Set
10  Polkas
11  Donegal Highlands & Reels
12  Gordon Duncan Tribute


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